Young happy woman breathingWould you like:

•    More energy?
•    A safe and gentle way to detox your body and reduce stress?
•    Support – for an illness, a difficult emotional time, or a journey into self-discovery?
•    To increase your self-belief?

If you can answer yes to one or more of these questions – have you ever thought about the way you breathe? Birmingham Breathes brings the benefits of Transformational Breath® to Birmingham and the Midlands.
Transformational Breath® is a state-of- the-art breathing technique that gently and safely encourages:
•    A healthy open breathing pattern
•    More physical and mental energy
•    Clearing of emotional memories held in the body
•    A route to relaxation and balance
•    A greater focus on your goals
•    More joy in your life

Feedback about our workshops:

“The facilitators were very friendly and open, and the introduction was easy to understand. I felt there was a real passion for the process and a genuine interest in helping others improve their lives. There was a real sense of openness with the facilitators.” G. B.

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Book now for our powerful Level 2 Training Weekend

Birmingham Breathes is delighted to welcome you to our Level Two training weekend: ‘Freeing our Thoughts’ on 28th February and 1st March at the Birmingham Buddhist Centre, Moseley.

The weekend follows the International Transformational Breath Foundation’s Level Two programme and includes four Transformational Breath® sessions, each building on the other.   You will also learn:

• how to benefit from ‘body mapping’, a technique unique to Transformational Breath, which enables the opening of parts of our respiratory system that have become shut down when we hold our breath to manage our feelings

• add-on techniques that enhance the effects of Transformational Breath®, including Byron Katie’s ‘The Work, an abundance programme, sound and movement
• plus a take-home programme and manual

There will be lots of 1:1 support. Senior Trainer, Andria Falk and Co-Trainer, Val Jenner, of Birmingham Breathes will be assisted by Facilitators Russell Storey from Scotland and Lillian Omwenga from Nairobi. Interns Celia Leslie, Sarah Jons, Sue Geary and Zofia Gos will also be on hand to make sure that you have the best possible experience.

A powerful and concentrated opportunity to detox your body, clear blocked emotions, bring your body, mind and emotions into harmony and live more joyfully. Suitable for people who have done a Level One weekend or equivalent, or for people new to Transformational Breath® who are seeking a powerful and in-depth introduction in one weekend.

Please email or phone Andria Falk for more information or to sign up. Payment plans may be available.


Price: £295, including lunch

(half price if you have done this weekend or a seminar before)


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