Young happy woman breathingWould you like:

•    More energy?
•    A safe and gentle way to detox your body and reduce stress?
•    Support – for an illness, a difficult emotional time, or a journey into self-discovery?
•    To increase your self-belief?

If you can answer yes to one or more of these questions – have you ever thought about the way you breathe? Birmingham Breathes brings the benefits of Transformational Breath® to Birmingham and the Midlands.
Transformational Breath® is a state-of- the-art breathing technique that gently and safely encourages:
•    A healthy open breathing pattern
•    More physical and mental energy
•    Clearing of emotional memories held in the body
•    A route to relaxation and balance
•    A greater focus on your goals
•    More joy in your life

Feedback about our workshops:

“The facilitators were very friendly and open, and the introduction was easy to understand. I felt there was a real passion for the process and a genuine interest in helping others improve their lives. There was a real sense of openness with the facilitators.” G. B.

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Introduction to Transformational Breath® this autumn

IMG_2546The Breath Circle at Woodbrooke Quaker Study Centre starts again on Tuesday 20th September. So with late summer upon us now is the time to plan. And this autumn there will be a chance to experience a taster of the technique and meet some of the regular Breath Circle participants. So don’t miss the opportunity to discover more about this cutting edge conscious breathing modality for just £20   (the regular Breath Circle entry price).

See Regular Events for details.

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