Young happy woman breathingWould you like:

•    More energy?
•    A safe and gentle way to detox your body and reduce stress?
•    Support – for an illness, a difficult emotional time, or a journey into self-discovery?
•    To increase your self-belief?

If you can answer yes to one or more of these questions – have you ever thought about the way you breathe? Birmingham Breathes brings the benefits of Transformational Breath® to Birmingham and the Midlands.
Transformational Breath® is a state-of- the-art breathing technique that gently and safely encourages:
•    A healthy open breathing pattern
•    More physical and mental energy
•    Clearing of emotional memories held in the body
•    A route to relaxation and balance
•    A greater focus on your goals
•    More joy in your life

Feedback about our workshops:

“The facilitators were very friendly and open, and the introduction was easy to understand. I felt there was a real passion for the process and a genuine interest in helping others improve their lives. There was a real sense of openness with the facilitators.” G. B.

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New Workshops for Autumn 2018

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Check out our Events Page for a chance to come to half-day workshops in Birmingham and Solihull and for a day with Transformational Breath® and Sacred Voice – exploring the sound work we do as part of this modality in a little more depth. We’ll be looking at giving voice to our feelings and speaking our truth.

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