Alzheimers research case study

spring clean your mindPlease contact Andria on if you or a loved one  has a fairly-recent diagnosis of Alzheimers and would like to take part in a research case study using Transformational Breath and other complementary therapies

Yes at last an ap to help your journey with Transformational Breath

Alan Dolan, Transformational Breath-trained ‘Breath Guru’ has launched an app  that you can download –  with  a short, revitalising session of breathwork, suitable for a daily practice,  and also a longer 30-minute session  –  maybe more useful  as a guide if you have already had sessions with a facilitator.   The first one could be great if you are hesitatant to book a session and want to test it out first.  Like BirminghamBreathes, Alan wants to get the whole world breathing! – press on the word ‘app’ at the top right side.







Does laughter yoga work with Transformational Breath?

Yes it certainly does!   Andria Falk, Rachel Falk and Rachel Upton, all  Birmingham-based Transformational Breath afficionados have now trained in Laughter Yoga with Morag Wylie, Transformational Breath Co-trainer and Laughter Yoga Trainer, based in Falkirk, Scotland.   Rachel Falk is now running a not-for-profit Laughter Club at Kings Heath Quaker Meeting House on the first and third Saturdays in the month at 10.30 am. It’s a fantastic and uplifting way to start the weekend!  Maybe see you there!





New research shows the power of just one session of Transformational Breath


You may have met Dr.  Pippa  Wheble at one of our Birmingham Breathes 2015/16 trainings.  Follow this link to see her talking about the findings from her recent research with singers.

Pippa explains how just one session of Transformational Breath significantly reduced both general and performance anxiety and depression and lowered blood pressure and heart rate. Fantastic news Pippa; great work!?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

“And Breathe …”

beccas-imageBirmingham Breathes is proud to be endorsing a new book about conscious breathing written by our colleague Rebecca Dennis. The first UK-written book about Transformational Breath, It’s suitable for people new to breathwork as well as dedicated ‘breathers’. There are inspirational case studies and lots of short breathing exercises to try at home. If you have issues around depression, anxiety, stress, childhood trauma etc that you are struggling with and would like to see if breathing can make the difference, then this is the book for you. It’s available from Amazon, Waterstones and W.H. Smiths. You may well want to follow up with a Transformational Breath session with Val or I!   And it would make a good Christmas present for people new to breathwork.

Recognition for Transformational Breath

Birmingham Breathes is delighted that its’  UK parent organisation Transformational Breath Foundation UK has been awarded the accolade of ‘ Best Complementary Medicine Organisation for 2014 by the prestigious Institute for Complementary and Natural Medicine. We at Birmingham Breathes have been closely involved in developing our national organisation and are delighted that Transformational Breath has been honoured in this way.

Can Transformational Breath help with non-specific lower back pain?


People don’t generally come  to Transformational Breath for help with this condition.  More likely they will tell their facilitator about it to make sure they can breathe in a  position that’s both  beneficial and comfortable.  And we certainly dont make claims that we can cure any medical conditions.  Nevertheless, some people are reporting that sessions of Transformational Breath are definitely easing their  back pain.  Judith Kravitz ,  Founder of the International Transformational Breath Foundation, advises:  “I have worked with many people who have found relief from chronic back conditions through the full opening of their respiration, releasing tension and strain and  thus creating a freer flow of energy in thebody  and activating  the body’s natural healing ability.”    There are also medical studies that correlate poor breathing with lower back pain.  Something to think about!  Please contact us if you would like a copy of Andria Falk’s paper on this issue.

Andria’s visit to Tiba Africa in Nairobi

Just back from Nairobi where I’ve been supporting Daniel Marungu in restructuring Tiba Africa, visiting Tiba’s social projects and  running workshops using Transformational Breath.  An amazing and life-enhancing experience.   Tiba now has a new, dynamic Board to manage its affairs, with a brand-new  Constitution.  This will help to focus its direction and charitable activities and make it more accountable to its donors.  I was very moved to visit the Kibera slums with a local community leader, Bwana Juma, now Vice Chair of Tiba,  and visit the home of a member of Tiba’s support group for people living with AIDS/HIV.  Talking to this group after a Breath Workshop we ran, they have benefitted enormously from Transformational Breath;  it’s a huge testimony to Daniel and his work that of the 50 people with AIDS?HIV who have gone through Tiba’s programme, only one person has died.  A huge achievement, not least because it has been the most needy who have been referred to Tiba.  While recognising the benefits of Tiba to their lives  the group singled out  lack of food and lack of work as priorities, that Tiba hopes to begin to address via a loan scheme.   I also visited two projects in the Kabeeria sub-slums sponsored by Tiba:  Abundance School and Joy Babycare, a project that supports single mothers needing to take casual work  with no reliable childcare.  We also ran a workshop for girls  trafficked into Nairobi from war zones and Daniel hopes to be able to continue to build on this with regular  workshops for small groups.   If you would like to support Tiba’s important work please go to to find out how you can support Tiba via paypal or bank transfer.