‘Freeing our Thoughts’ Level Two Self-Development Weekend: February 2016

Birmingham Breathes is delighted to be offering this International  Transformational Breath Foundation  Level Two programme on Saturday 27 February 2016 10.30-6.30 pm and Sunday 28th February 9.30 am- 5.30 pm at the Birmingham Buddhist Centre, South Birmingham

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This weekend offers a rich, in-depth  experience of Transformational Breath, a cutting edge technique that uses connected  breathing, sound and ‘body mapping’  to balance the different aspects of ourselves, clear stress from our bodies and minds  and enhance our overall wellbeing.    The weekend includes four Transformational Breath sessions  and the opportunity to learn  its unique body mapping techniques.  We will also be  introducing techniques that work in parallel to Transformational Breath  to quieten the chatter  of our minds and let go of patterns of thinking  that no longer serve us. This includes Byron Katie’s ‘The Work’, meditation and  how to create abundance in our lives. AND there will be time for dancing,  laughing  and playing !!

We have a very high ratio of staff to participants on this weekend and you can be sure of lots of personal support.   It’s suitable for newcomers and experienced ‘breathers’ alike. Please note that  Level One and Level Two programmes may be taken  in the reverse order and either of these weekends are essential prerequisites to our Level Three weekend in April and to the TBF  Facilitator training programmes.   The richness of this programme also makes it suitable for people who want to revisit the opportunities it offers and a half-price option to redo it is available.   Please contact  Andria and Val  on enquiries@birminghambreathes.co.uk or phone 07961302719  for more information or to discuss any specific needs or circumstances.

Price of the weekend:   £295, including a take-home manual, snacks and lunches. Payment plans are available.