Young People

Transformational Breath® with children and young people

 Transformational Breath®  can help children to find their body’s natural way of  managing and discharging stress.  Their breathing may have become restricted as a way of enabling  them to manage challenging situations, including trauma, at any stage in their lives.   As they begin to breathe more naturally in a session, they  begin to connect with sensations in their body  (feelings) that gradually reduce in intensity through circular breathing,  sound and movement. This process helps to reduce  symptoms of stress,  such as hyper-arousal, aggression, sleeping difficulties and anxiety.

I  adapt my work  according to the  age, maturational stage and the needs of each child. Session times vary from just a few minutes to half an hour.   With some younger children I sometimes use a visualisation of ‘jelly belly breathing’ where they visualise themselves climbing up and jumping on a giant multi-coloured jelly.

I am   also able to work with babies who have had difficult births by synchronising and  gently entraining their breathing.

I have over ten years experience of working in Child and Adolescent Mental Health as a Social Work Therapist, Childrens Mental Health Practitioner and Team Manager

Andria Falk