After her successful talk about the Presence Process for the Tree of Life on the 12th September Andria has written some more about it for us. She writes:

“Transformational Breath® founder, Judith Kravitz, ‘adopted’ the Presence Process three years ago, seeing it as a powerful accompaniment to Transformatonal Breath®.  They are now widely regarded as a ‘sister modalities’, each linking with and benefitting from the other.

Written in the form of a book, The Presence Process is a 10-week self-help programme devised by Michael Brown.*  It requires a 15-minute morning and evening session of connected breathing through the nose, the reading of an inspirational chapter of the book each week and the use of  a specific intention.

You are gently taken into the essence of the programme, which  is that  incidents that upset us in adulthood have a resonance with ‘forgotten’ situations  in our childhood where we pushed down and denied our feelings.  As the programme develops, you   gradually  acquire the tools to enable you to harness any upsetting incident in your current daily life, welcoming the associated  feelings and seeing the person or situation as a helpful messenger.  You are then shown how to trace back those feelings to your childhood, allow yourself to genuinely feel them and then to gently integrate them.

So  how does this fit with Transformational Breath®?    The Presence Process is a gentle and slow process that can be undertaken at home from the outset.  People who follow this process often benefit from some sessions with a Transformational Breath® facilitator, who will have expertise in integrating blocked emotions and in connected breathing and can support a more focussed process for you. Similarly, people who find Transformational Breath® beneficial can also benefit from The Presence Process, as it  provides a  unique tool to understand day-to-day stresses and their  specific source in childhood.

Both Judith Kravitz and Michael Brown recommend each other’s programmes, and I can’t recommend the Presence Process too highly, especially the Revised Edition.  It is phenomenally useful in making sense of seemingly-irrational feelings of fear, anger or sadness  that sometimes  arise, often repeatedly and apparently from nowhere, in every-day situations,  out of proportion to the current situation.  It’s amazing to be able to own those feelings and learn to respond rather than to react to them, to make sense of their original source and then integrate them through the breathing.   It’s a profound way of  enabling us to really feel and manage our emotions.  Michael Brown, who healed himself from a painful and incurable illness by using his programme sees it as a means of preventing addictive behaviors as well as physical and mental illness.

I hope it helps you too.” Andria Falk, Trainer,
Birmingham Breathes,

*The Presence Process  A Journal into Present Moment  Awareness.
Michael Brown.  Revised edition, 2010.  Namaste Publishing, Vancouver, Canada – A resource center for the Presence Process
Publisher’s  website: