Just back from Nairobi where I’ve been supporting Daniel Marungu in restructuring Tiba Africa, visiting Tiba’s social projects and  running workshops using Transformational Breath.  An amazing and life-enhancing experience.   Tiba now has a new, dynamic Board to manage its affairs, with a brand-new  Constitution.  This will help to focus its direction and charitable activities and make it more accountable to its donors.  I was very moved to visit the Kibera slums with a local community leader, Bwana Juma, now Vice Chair of Tiba,  and visit the home of a member of Tiba’s support group for people living with AIDS/HIV.  Talking to this group after a Breath Workshop we ran, they have benefitted enormously from Transformational Breath;  it’s a huge testimony to Daniel and his work that of the 50 people with AIDS?HIV who have gone through Tiba’s programme, only one person has died.  A huge achievement, not least because it has been the most needy who have been referred to Tiba.  While recognising the benefits of Tiba to their lives  the group singled out  lack of food and lack of work as priorities, that Tiba hopes to begin to address via a loan scheme.   I also visited two projects in the Kabeeria sub-slums sponsored by Tiba:  Abundance School and Joy Babycare, a project that supports single mothers needing to take casual work  with no reliable childcare.  We also ran a workshop for girls  trafficked into Nairobi from war zones and Daniel hopes to be able to continue to build on this with regular  workshops for small groups.   If you would like to support Tiba’s important work please go to www.transformationalbreath.co.uk to find out how you can support Tiba via paypal or bank transfer.