Yes, BirminghamBreathes  is now running workshops and one-to-one sessions on line as Andria Falk has been certificated by the Transformational Breath Foundation to work on line.     Contact her  on for more information.  We anticipate an expanding programme.    So far we are running fortnightly breath workshops on alternative Saturday mornings for people who have already attended a workshop or 1:1 session and occasional workshops for more  experienced breathers. Andria is also offering one-to-one Transformational Breath(r)  sessions and   one-to-one ‘breathing advice’ sessions for people who are recovering from Covid 19, both on Zoom or Whats Ap.  An on-line  group for  people experiencing memory loss or  mild cognitive impairment and their carers is also running from 27th May, 2020 with an on-line support facility  for carers on Whats Ap and Facebook.