People don’t generally come  to Transformational Breath for help with this condition.  More likely they will tell their facilitator about it to make sure they can breathe in a  position that’s both  beneficial and comfortable.  And we certainly dont make claims that we can cure any medical conditions.  Nevertheless, some people are reporting that sessions of Transformational Breath are definitely easing their  back pain.  Judith Kravitz ,  Founder of the International Transformational Breath Foundation, advises:  “I have worked with many people who have found relief from chronic back conditions through the full opening of their respiration, releasing tension and strain and  thus creating a freer flow of energy in thebody  and activating  the body’s natural healing ability.”    There are also medical studies that correlate poor breathing with lower back pain.  Something to think about!  Please contact us if you would like a copy of Andria Falk’s paper on this issue.