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Transformational Breath® is proving beneficial in the treatment of asthma, sometimes enabling a reduction or withdrawal of medication. (1)

When Greg* began Transformational Breath® sessions he struggled to walk upstairs. He had been hospitalised three times with severe, painful, life-threatening asthma attacks. He relied on three different prescribed medications. A psychiatrist had recognised an emotional link between his breathing difficulties and severe emotional abuse he had experienced during his childhood, a link made by Goyeche, J, et al, (2)

I began by analysing Greg’s breathing: I noted that he was using his back muscles to control his breathing and his outbreath seemed forced – a pattern typical of asthma sufferers. His sub-sternal muscles were barely functioning, preventing air flow into his abdomen.

The first few sessions focussed on Greg relearning how to breathe naturally, using his diaphragm and the whole of his respiratory system. The use of sound and gentle movement also helped to relax and energise him and improve the flow of his breathing. In sessions, he gradually habituated to a circular continuous breath pattern, enabling his breathing to gradually open up where it had previously been blocked. This in turn enabled him to integrate some of childhood trauma he had experienced that had been dormant in his cellular memory for all those years and affecting his physical wellbing without him realising it. Like other asthmatics, he benefited from pressure on different ‘body mapping’ points, similar to acupressure, especially on his abdomen and chest.

After 3 sessions, with his Dr’s agreement, Greg was able to begin to reduce his medication. After 18 months he was able to take part in a 10 kilometer run. He described feeling much lighter, freed from both his asthma and the burden he had been carrying of his childhood experiences. He now finds that regular Transformational Breath® self-sessions enable him to prevent a build up of stress in his body. He rarely needs to use his remaining inhaler of Ventalin these days.

Andria Falk, MA/CQSW, Post Graduate Diploma of Psychoanalytical Observational Studies, Senior Practitioner, British Register of Complementary Therapists and Certified Senior Trainer and Certified Facilitator, Transformational Breath Foundaton UK

(1) Kravitz J. 2007 Breathe deep, laugh loudly, Free Breath Press.
(2) Goyeche, J, Ago, Y Ikemi, Y Asthma the yoga perspective Part 1: The somatopsychic imbalance in asthma: towards a holistic therapy. Asthma Research 1980: 17(3);111-121

First published as Falk A (2009) Clinical roundup. How do you treat asthma in your practice? Transformational breathing therapy. Alternative and Complementary Therapies 15(6): 318–22
*anonymised for reasons of confidentiality