There are changes and opportunities at Birmingham Breathes. Andria is stepping back from running Transformational Breath workshops as she is currently exploring other healing and breathing techniques in order to work holistically with people with complex physical and emotional needs. Her work and contacts for her will still be appearing on this website.

So while this is sad for us there are more exciting possibilities awaiting us. For example Andria and Val have just collaborated on three online workshops  Connecting with the Heart for the Yearly Meeting Gathering of Quakers in Britain. Andria was using art based exercises that encourage coherent breathing and Val was able to introduce a whole new group to Transformational Breath®.

Meanwhile Dharmada is continuing with his training and he and Val are offering an online workshop on the 4th September 2021 for those with some experience of Transformational Breath. It will celebrate the gifts of Autumn and generosity and we are asking for donations to, the Unicef crowd funding initiative.

If you are new to Transformational Breath then maybe now is the time to book some one to one sessions – do get in touch to have a chat about it.

For more details contact: or use our Contact function.