❤💚💜 New on-line ‘Dancing Hearts’ Group        ❤💚💜

  ❤💚💜       ❤💚💜       ❤💚💜       ❤💚💜       ❤💚💜       ❤💚💜     Starting on  Wednesday 27th May  at 14.00 hours British Summer Time  on Zoom. This new group for people with dementia or mild cognitive impairment  and  their carers aims to:  * provide fun  activities  during lock down that could  be repeated by carers during the week including  dancing, singing and laughing plus  breathing to increase energy, health, vitality and calm * provide support and connection between  carers via the Group and a  private Whats Ap group and private Facebook group This is  a free…

Birmingham Breathes goes on line!!

      Yes, BirminghamBreathes  is now running workshops and one-to-one sessions on line as Andria Falk has been certificated by the Transformational Breath Foundation to work on line.     Contact her  on andriafalk@blueyonder.co.uk for more information.  We anticipate an expanding programme.    So far we are running fortnightly breath workshops on alternative Saturday mornings for people who have already attended a workshop or 1:1 session and occasional workshops for more  experienced breathers. Andria is also offering one-to-one Transformational Breath(r)  sessions and   one-to-one ‘breathing advice’ sessions for people who are recovering from Covid 19, both on Zoom or Whats Ap. …

Contact Us for Free Advice and Information

If you would like information about Transformational Breath®, or advice about diaphragmatic breathing, please contact Val Jenner on 07961302719 or Andria Falk on 0121 449 7705 for a free consultation If you would like to take part in  a group or individual session of Transformational Breath®, via  zoom or skype, please contact Andria. Happy Breathing!  Be Safe!

Jelly Breathing for Children (and Adults!)

Andria Falk wrote this  breath meditation/visualisation for children some years ago. It’s fun and uplifting and suitable for children of 9 and under and for everyone over 25!! Its a great time to strengthen our respiratory and immune systems – and make us smile!   You can play it below: Enjoy!!

Covid 19 and Transformational Breath®

Birmingham Breathes is currently on lock down due to the Covid -19 virus and all our workshop, seminar and 1:1 programmes are currently on hold; do contact us if you would like support, advice about Transformational Breath(®, or to register an interest in future events. If you are new to Transformational Breath®, check out the Q and A below about the importance of breathing and try out our 5-minute breathing routine once or twice a day. If you have attended 1:1 or group sessions of Transformational Breath® we recommend you do a daily Transformational Breath practice once or twice daily…

Guest International Trainer Coming to Birmingham

Vincent Oloo You may have met Transformational Breath International Trainer Vincent Oloo when he made two flying visits to Birmingham last year and worked with Andria on two Intro workshops. His lovely calm and knowledgable presence was much appreciated and we are delighted that he has agreed to head up our Birmingham Breathes team to run the Foundation’s 6-day seminar programme from 23 to 28th August 2020 with Val Jenner and Andria Falk. Vincent will also be offering 1:1 sessions the week before the seminar – please email Andria if you would like a session with him via andriafalk@blueyonder.co.uk. Check…

An Afternoon with Fearne Cotton and Rebecca Denis

  On Sunday November 3rd we spent a wonderful afternoon with Midlands breath colleagues and the fabulous Rebecca Dennis – author of “And Breathe” at the NEC Mind, Body, Spirit Festival. We were introducing more people to Transformational Breath® – you really can change your life through the power of your own breath or as Rebecca says “get high on your own supply”! And Rebecca was recently interviewed by Fearne Cotton on her popular Happy Place podcast which reveals more about conscious breathing and Transformational Breath. It well worth a listen – here’s the link to Happy Place If you…

Breath Workshop + Sound Bath = Awesome!

Susanna Bearfoot playing her Koto and Monochord, exquisitely-tuned to a healing vibration, at Birmingham Breathes’ sound and breath workshop in August 2019.  Check out our 2020 programme for our next ‘Sound and Breath Workshop’ on 14th March, 2020, as well as our other events, ranging from half-day workshops to a 6-day seminar programme with  Vincent Oloo, International Senior Trainer.

Ideas for breath-friendly presents

How about a plant that provides valuable oxygen to your home?    There are 9 indoor plants that contribute oxygen to the atmosphere by releasing oxygen both during the day and during the night, whereas most just release it during the day. Look out especially  for aloe vera,  Christmas cactus,   areca palm, neem tree, gerbera, Rama Tubi, peepal tree, snake plants and orchids. Or you could buy your loved one a  gift token for a Transformational Breath session or workshop!!!

Birmingham Breathes  Programme 2020

These are the events we have so far planned for 2020. In march there is a one-day worksop on the 14th, then in April a two-day Relcaim Your Breath on the 18th and 19th. Then starting on 23rd August is a brilliant 6-day Seminar. Get in touch for more details and to book. One-day workshop Saturday 14th March One Day  ‘Breath and Sound’ workshop 10.30 am  –  5  pm  (arrive at 10 am).  With Val and Andria and Guest Musician and Sound Healer Susanna Bearfoot.  Includes two  Transformational Breath® sessions, an explanation and demonstration of Transformational Breath® and closes with an…

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