Covid 19 – Breathing techniques that may help

    Transformational Breath ®  is a great preventative tool to boost your immune system and activate your respiratory system.  However, if you  contract Covid you will find that a gentler breath pattern which supports oxygen exchange in the alveoli is preferable.  Indeed,   we  recommend that you  wait 3 weeks before doing a Transformational Breath  ®  session after contracting Covid 19.. Be sure to seek medical attention for advice if you are experiencing symptoms of Covid 19. Here are 4 techniques suggested by Transformational Breath  Trainer  Dr. Pippa Wheble   (exercise 1)  and  Senior Trainer Catharina von Bargen (exercises 2 to…

Val Jenner now certified to offer online sessions

Val joins Andria this January as a fully certified online Transformational Breath Facilitator. So we are expanding our capacity to offer support during this pandemic! This is also added to the online work Val was doing this summer with voice support. So if you need to regain strength in your respiratory system, want to increase your breath resilience, or perhaps are a professional voice user trying to get used to mask wearing, Birmingham Breathes can help you.

Not sure about booking an on line session?

Yes it  may seem a big decision  to book  an on- line  one-to-one or group Transformational Breath   session.  We at Birmingham Breathes are finding that they can be just as powerful and life-enhancing as face to face sessions.  Here are some quotes from people who  have experienced them with us. ‘Your session may be on Zoom, but Andria is so tuned into what’s going on with you, that it seems she is in the same room.  It’s amazing!  JW Birmingham ‘I really valued connecting with you and the other participants  during the first lockdown, and was moved by the warmth…

‘I breathe with deep love, I breathe to bring change’

A  beautiful, evocative poem by Susie Smith, Transformational Breath Co-Trainer from South East London ‘If my breath’ by Susie Smith If my breath were the wind, I would blow all worrying from the earth, Leaves and twine tumble and splay. Sun would shine so bright to soften the squalls While awaiting the coolness of the moon; to soothe her…   If only my breath could blow the worries of the earth away.   Trees bend forth against this breeze, roots smiling inside the earth, The birds open winged, glide and skate upon the cleansing breeze. They know, they know. Moonbeams…

On-line Dancing Hearts Group

This on line  group for people with dementia or mild cognitive impairment  and  their carers aims to:  * provide fun  activities  during lock down that could  be repeated by carers during the week including  dancing, singing and laughing plus  breathing to increase energy, health, vitality and calm Please contact Morag Wylie who has now taken over the running of  this group from Andria Falk Advance registration is essential.  Wednesdays 2pm to 3 pm. Certified On-line Transformational Breath Facilitator Certified Laughter Yoga  Leader and Trainer and Certified Sound Healer  

Birmingham Breathes goes on line!!

      Yes, BirminghamBreathes  is now running workshops and one-to-one sessions on line as Andria Falk has been certificated by the Transformational Breath Foundation to work on line.     Contact her  on for more information.  We anticipate an expanding programme.    So far we are running fortnightly breath workshops on alternative Saturday mornings for people who have already attended a workshop or 1:1 session and occasional workshops for more  experienced breathers. Andria is also offering one-to-one Transformational Breath(r)  sessions and   one-to-one ‘breathing advice’ sessions for people who are recovering from Covid 19, both on Zoom or Whats Ap. …

Contact Us for Free Advice and Information

If you would like information about Transformational Breath®, or advice about diaphragmatic breathing, please contact Val Jenner on 07961302719 or Andria Falk on 0121 449 7705 for a free consultation If you would like to take part in  a group or individual session of Transformational Breath®, via  zoom or skype, please contact Andria. Happy Breathing!  Be Safe!

Jelly Breathing for Children (and Adults!)

Andria Falk wrote this  breath meditation/visualisation for children some years ago. It’s fun and uplifting and suitable for children of 9 and under and for everyone over 25!! Its a great time to strengthen our respiratory and immune systems – and make us smile!   You can play it below: Enjoy!!

Covid 19 and Transformational Breath®

Birmingham Breathes is currently on lock down due to the Covid -19 virus and all our workshop, seminar and 1:1 programmes are currently on hold; do contact us if you would like support, advice about Transformational Breath(®, or to register an interest in future events. If you are new to Transformational Breath®, check out the Q and A below about the importance of breathing and try out our 5-minute breathing routine once or twice a day. If you have attended 1:1 or group sessions of Transformational Breath® we recommend you do a daily Transformational Breath practice once or twice daily…

An Afternoon with Fearne Cotton and Rebecca Denis

  On Sunday November 3rd we spent a wonderful afternoon with Midlands breath colleagues and the fabulous Rebecca Dennis – author of “And Breathe” at the NEC Mind, Body, Spirit Festival. We were introducing more people to Transformational Breath® – you really can change your life through the power of your own breath or as Rebecca says “get high on your own supply”! And Rebecca was recently interviewed by Fearne Cotton on her popular Happy Place podcast which reveals more about conscious breathing and Transformational Breath. It well worth a listen – here’s the link to Happy Place If you…

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