Yes it  may seem a big decision  to book  an on- line  one-to-one or group Transformational Breath   session.  We at Birmingham Breathes are finding that they can be just as powerful and life-enhancing as face to face sessions.  Here are some quotes from people who  have experienced them with us.

‘Your session may be on Zoom, but Andria is so tuned into what’s going on with you, that it seems she is in the same room.  It’s amazing!  JW Birmingham

‘I really valued connecting with you and the other participants  during the first lockdown, and was moved by the warmth and compassion from you during the sessions’  SH, Birmingham

‘I felt rocked in the arms of two wise women and a wise fellah too.  Thank you so much for giving your time.  Blessings.’  CC, Birmingham

For information about group sessions contact Val Jenner on or use our Contact function below.

For one-to-one sessions in Quantum Touch Healing, and breathing for PTSD contact  Andria Falk on or for Transformational Breath® and more information Valerie Jenner on or use our Contact function.