Birmingham Breathes has been holding on-line group sessions for its experienced  breathers during lockdown to support them in their personal breath practice. If you would like to take part in these sessions please email Andria Falk on

This is some of the feedback we have received about these sessions:

‘I felt rocked in the arms of two wise women and one wise fellah too.  Thank you so much for giving your time.  Blessings to all’  CC,  Birmingham

‘I really valued connecting with you and the other participants [on line]  during the first lockdown, and was moved by the warmth and compassion that emanated from you during the sessions.’  SH Birmingham

If you are new to Transformational Breath(r)  and would like to take part in an on-line introductory  group please email Andria to register an interest

Andria Falk

0121 449 7705