One to one Transformational Breath sessions are often the next step after attending a workshop. And for some people they are preferable to the workshop experience. You can book a Transformational Breath session, in person or online. Whether you are completely new to the modality or have some experience, this will allow you to explore more fully. You have the facilitator’s undivided attention and if you want to talk more before or after the breathing session itself you can. There is time for coaching around your personal issues and of course complete confidentiality.


Many people have returned to in person one to one Transformational Breath sessions and every precaution is taken against covid infection. For your safety the facilitator wears a mask during the breathing session itself and before you come you’ll get instructions on what to bring and what to wear. For some people online sessions are preferable whether for convenience or health, and again you’ll be helped to set up a breathing station and advised what you’ll need for a session. You’ll need Zoom.

Val Jenner sees clients at her home in South Birmingham. If you are not Birmingham based you can make your journey even more worthwhile by booking a two-session day. You will have two full breathing sessions, and there could be some coaching, or art or sound based work, between the two sessions. There are several places close by to eat, rest and walk in your break.

More than one of you?

There is room for a couple to come together. And online it is possible to book your own event for you and your friends. So contact Val Jenner on or through our contact page here. Get in touch to discuss any of the options mentioned.