Children and Young People:

Would you like to learn a way to breathe that can help you to be:

  • more confident
  • more energetic
  • better at sport
  • calmer
  • less wheezy or short of breath
  • more focussed on school work?
If you have said ‘YES’ to one or more of these, then Transformational Breath® may help you.
Some younger children  enjoy Transformational Breath®  while imagining having fun on a giant jelly (‘Jelly Breathing‘).   Some young people sometimes like  to bring a CD with them to breathe along to.
 To find out more, please ask your parent or carer to contact one of us for more information.
If you are an adult reading this, you may want to share it with your child before contacting us.  We are also able to breathe with babies and very young children who may have experienced a challenging start to life.